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NARA is designed to help real people transform their mental and physical wellness — with natural solutions and tools that are actually backed by science.

Zero woo-woo.
Zero nonsense.
Just natural solutions backed by the latest science.

The natural wellness app for self-guided care, vitality, and health.

Discover the power of DNA — and transform your approach to wellness.

NARA’s DNA Reports give you access to personalized recommendations based on your genetic data.

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Explore the tools, resources and solutions you need to transform your wellness journey — from personalized DNA Reports to expert-curated supplements.

Our Nature…

NARA works from the data you choose to share, and can provide indepth insights based on your DNA profile, existing health regimen, self-reported feedback, and long-term wellness goals to offer personalized solutions backed by the latest science.

What works for one person won’t work for everyone — and we’re here to provide you with the holistic-health tools you need to maximize healing, and redefine your path to vitality and wellness.

Our Specialties

Find personalized solutions.
Streamline your process.
Master the art of natural wellness.

NARA was created to help real people heal — and protect their time and energy in the process. Transform your health with our plant library, progress tracker, and personalized approach to safe, effective, and natural wellness.

Get to know your body.
Receive made-for-you guidance.
Make decisions with confidence.

Our DNA Reports offer personalized guidance and valuable insight into the underlying factors that impact your healing process. Upgrade your natural wellness journey with even better data and industry-leading science.

In-depth reports.
Hand-picked supplements.
Natural tools for optimal wellness.

Explore our DNA Reports and expert-curated supplements — tools you can trust for your healing process. Expect nothing but the best in natural wellness with a clear-cut policy of zero woo-woo tolerance.

Why turn to nature?

Let’s make one thing clear — we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to woo-woo nonsense. Pharmaceuticals work (for some people and some problems) but natural solutions can also transform your experience.

NARA focuses on the straight-from-earth tools you can actually use to optimize your health, and skyrocket your sense of wellness. We’re here to weed through the fluff, and offer solutions that are attainable, effective, and born from our environment.

Our Science

Personalized Guidance

We work with the details you choose to share — and can make recommendations based on your DNA, existing regime, and long-term wellness goals.

Peer-Reviewed Studies

We present natural solutions that are supported by real-world data, and the latest scientific research.

Expert Consultants

We collaborate and consult with leading minds in the world of functional medicine and data-led wellness.

Credibility Checks

We present natural solutions that are supported by real-world data, and the latest scientific research.

Holistic Analysis

We aim to help you thrive and form lasting habits with regular health check-ins and big-picture reports based on your progress.

Health Blog

Embark on your natural wellness journey today.



What people are saying

Nara allows me to have a deeper understanding of what my body is more responsive to. I have implemented some of the suggestions based on the insights and it was much easier than trying to navigate things on my own.

- Jenna T.

The Nara app is a great reference tool when it comes to natural supplements and dietary ingredients that support my daily routines.

- Elisa M.

Whoa - my Mind DNA report was so detailed! I didn't know that I had specific biomarkers for my general anxiety. I have now added more Vitamin D to my daily supplement program, and I already feel the difference.

-  Manon C.