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Conventional mental health medications are not your only option.

From side effects to withdrawal symptoms, pharmaceuticals aren’t for everyone. Be in control of your mental health care with natural alternatives that causes minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.

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Reliable information about natural remedies should be easier to find.

With so much information available online, it can be difficult to know which alternatives are best for you and which sources to trust. Don’t worry about a ‘trial and error’ approach to research, Nara provides you with credible, unbiased information about natural alternatives, their benefits, and usage.

Here’s how Nara can help!

Nara understands that a single approach cannot be used to manage each person’s unique mental wellness journey. By factoring in your family, disease, and medication history, you can discover natural remedies that are personalized for your situation.

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Discover Natural Remedies

Nara's Plant Library

Discover Natural Remedies

Curated Resources

Browse herbal medicine studies, mental health clinical trials, the latest research, wellness articles, and more about remedies most relevant to you.

Plant Library

Learn about evidence-backed benefits, dosage use, potential side effects, drug interactions, and more of over 70 natural remedies.


Find peer support from individuals on similar journeys using Nara community forums. It's a safe and monitored space for you to share your experiences and thoughts.

Understand your Mental State


Check in on yourself daily to understand your mental wellness in 5 core areas —Sleep, Energy, Calmness, Mood and Cognition. Nara provides you with personalized well-being tips so you can feel your best every day.

Progress Tracking

Daily check-ins will help you see a visual breakdown of your mental wellness in each core area, as well as your physical activity. See trends in your data and view your improvements weekly as you continue your journey with Nara.

DNA Data Analysis

Have you done a DNA test before? Upload your DNA data to receive an analysis report about mental health conditions you're predisposed to and how to effectively manage symptoms.

Understand your Mental State

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