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NARA Mind Report

Nara provides you with an in-depth report on your mental wellness. Nara scientists will analyze genes related to your stress response system, immune system, neurotransmitters, micronutrients, and metabolism for personalized natural supplement and lifestyle recommendations.

How does it work?

Once you upload your raw third-party DNA report, Nara performs an analysis of genes that are specifically connected to your mental health. Your Mental Health Genetics Report allows you to understand the impact of your genetic profile when it comes to your mental wellness. Nara provides further insights into proactive steps you can take with your supplements, micronutrients, and diet to optimize your outcomes.

What will I receive?

Nara will provide a four-part series of reports containing mental health-related insights:

*  Report 1 – Your Mental Health Genetics Report
* Report 2 – Your Mental Health Micronutrient Report
* Report 3 – Your Mental Health Natural Supplement Report
* Report 4 – Your Mental Health Metabolic Diet Report

Please note that these reports are not conclusive and do not account for factors such as environment and lifestyle when it comes to your risk for these conditions.


Get to know how your genes are associated with your mental health by comparing your Nara Genetic Mental Health Score with 2,504 individuals in Nara’s reference database.


Learn about the genes that affect how you metabolize certain micronutrients in your body (in particular, vitamin D, methyl folate, vitamin B12, and zinc) and find information to help you create a targeted nutrition plan.


Learn about natural remedies that may work for your unique mental health situation and conditions you might experience.


Gain insights that help you make appropriate diet plans to manage your weight and reduce the impact of weight on your mental health.

3. When will I get my Mental Wellness Genetic Reports?​

Once you upload your DNA data, you will receive your first report within 24 hours. You’ll receive the other 3 reports every two weeks after your initial upload.

4. Where do I view all of my Nara MIND Reports?

Sending by Email

5. How is my information protected?

Your privacy matters to you and it matters to us. We protect your data and do not share it without your consent.
Your DNA data will only be used with our Nara researchers and health team.

We share DNA data with a limited number of collaborators who have agreed to privacy restrictions (similar to the ones in our Privacy Policy) by signing data protection agreements or making similar commitments.

Nara will not sell, lease, or rent your DNA Data to a third party. Your personal data will not be shared with any public database, employer, or insurance company.

Nara retains your DNA data for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you with our services. If you would like us to cancel your account or delete your DNA Data Information, please submit a request through Nara Support. We will delete your data within 90 days of your request.