Our nature

We believe in the transformational power of nature to reset and heal the body from within. We are powered by exceptional humans and exceptional science.

Our Nature...

Nara works from the data you choose to share, and can provide indepth insights based on your DNA profile, existing health regimen, self-reported feedback, and long-term wellness goals to offer personalized solutions backed by the latest science. What works for one person won’t work for everyone — and we’re here to provide you with the holistic-health tools you need to maximize healing, and redefine your path to vitality and wellness.

NARA Provides guidance for these areas

Data At Your Fingertips

We weed through the latest data to identify viable natural solutions based on your hurdles, and your healing process — all while protecting your time, headspace, and wallet.

Personalized Approach

We work withuse your DNA profile, current regimen, self-reported symptoms, and long-term wellness goals to identify and recommend solutions that will work for your mind, your body, and your daily habits.

Zero Woo-Woo Tolerance

Our tools are informed by tradition, but driven by data and science — not half-baked theories, social-media myths, or celebrity gossip.

Our Nature-Loving Promise

We keep our planet in mind through every part of our work. As a public benefit corp, we’re committed to helping people like you — while limiting our impact on the world that surrounds us.

Conventional-Medicine Positive

We’re not here to replace effective solutions or pharmaceuticals that work. Nara was created to expand your natural toolkit, boost your sense of wellness, and help you reclaim control of your healing process.

Why turn to nature ?

Let’s make one thing clear — we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to woo-woo nonsense. Pharmaceuticals work (for some people and some problems) but natural solutions can also transform your experience.

Nara focuses on the straight-from-earth tools you can actually use to optimize your health, and skyrocket your sense of wellness. We’re here to weed through the fluff, and offer solutions that are attainable, effective, and born from our environment.